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About Revilla Island Corps

In 2022, Ketchikan Afterschool Program created RiCorps to administer the AmeriCorps Vista program.  The vision was to create an opportunity for the program to be accessible to all of our community-focused organizations by recruiting AmeriCorps members in Ketchikan and throughout the county. Members invest volunteer hours by curating workshops for youth in exchange for monthly stipends for living expenses and workshop supplies/materials. RiCorps hopes to strengthen Ketchikan and surrounding areas by building healthy adult/youth relationships through intentional and safe workshops and activities.

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Our Afterschool Program is centrally located in the city of Ketchikan, providing easy access for youth to participate.

 The Ketchikan Afterschool Program includes a café, music area, arts & crafts table, hydroponic garden, kitchen, bouldering wall, slackline, and much more. During the summer months, we offer hiking, camping trips, 

backpacking, and more, to help motivate our youth to live healthy, active, and safe lifestyles.

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