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Our goal is to provide opportunities free of charge to help youth thrive in our community through safe, healthy, and engaging activities.


With an abundance of healthy activities ranging for bouldering to stop-motion film, The Ketchikan Afterschool Program (KAP) is  providing opportunities for our students to cultivate skill, confidence and appreciation for their fellow students, and our community and lands.

Enrollment in KAP is easy and requires on one form to open all of our activities and workshops to your child. Once enrolled KAP will provide you with access to your child's participation, attendance and accomplishments. For more about the rules and program structure of KAP click here.

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The Ketchikan Afterschool Program (KAP) is a grant-funded project from the State of Alaska. The target age group for our program is 5th-8th grade, however, some activities go beyond the age range. A fundamental aspect of KAPs' mission is offering all its activities free-of-charge to the participant, and open to all students who reside throughout the island. KAP focuses on providing Sequenced, Active, Focus and Explicit (S.A.F.E.) activities during out-of-school time to enhance youth and their connection with their families and the community at large. 

The Ketchikan Afterschool Program has based its approach on the Icelandic Prevention Model. This model is an environmental approach in which parenting and organized activities, such as after school programs and sports, together with increased normative pressure (curfew hours and encouragement of joint family dinners), play a central role in reducing alcohol and drug consumption among young people. 

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As a compliment to secondary school curriculum, KAP builds its programs to focus on skills and practical applications to our youth's education. We learn about geology in our Climbing program; biology on fishing and hiking trips; math in our astronomy workshop; life skills in our cooking program. These programs are designed to address the unique challenges the Ketchikan Youth Community faces. With high rates of domestic violence, alcoholism and suicide, Alaskan communities are gripped by drug use and low ambition. By teaching practical skills and providing exciting and challenging opportunities, we hope to inspire youth to break this cycle by experiencing positive outcomes and healthy lifestyles.


Adventure really makes a difference in our programming. Rising above challenges fills us with confidence. We learn who we are when we face challenge. Such experiences are the foundations for a confident, strong and resilient individual. 


And of course we offer one on one help on homework.  Students who need a little boost in their academics can count on our Staff to sit with them to work through their subject material in math, science, literature and history. We won't give them the answer, just help them find the path to figuring it out on their own.

  Creativity is our advantage as an after school program, and with Southeast Alaska as our "classroom", KAP aims to create activities to inspire youth on how to lead fit and healthy lives and pursue their goals with an adventurous spirit.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ketchikan Afterschool Program visit us at the Ketchikan Plaza in room 203

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