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AmeriCorps Position

Outdoor Program Facilitator

There are 3,174 named mountains; 57.5 million acres of designated wilderness; over 12,000 rivers and 3 million lakes in Alaska. Alaska means Adventure! Our outdoor Adventure Program is just in its beginning stages so we’re very excited to be offering this position! The ideal candidate will have experience in planning and leading youth groups on day/multi-day trips into the back country. This position focuses on leading a variety of adventure based trips into our region's wilderness fringes and depths and includes planning and organizing resources, briefing/debriefing participants, meal planning, packing/shake-down, group management, orienteering, overnight/multi-day trips, and First Aid Training. You will be responsible for developing project ideas, writing lesson plans, identifying and meeting logistical challenges.



Like nowhere on Earth! Rugged, wet and wild; Alaska is a different brad of outdoor adventure. Our program is new this year and will focus on backpacking, camping and day hiking. Our Climbing Program will be indoor on our bouldering wall, serving as a climbing fundamentals and basic education in climbing and fitness, the history of climbing, and the geology of Southeastern Alaska. 

Backpacking trips will take place on Revilla Island and be geared towards youth new to backpacking with one trip for more experienced youth. Our camping trips will take place in local campgrounds and be suited to youth with no outdoor experience or those looking for a less committing outdoor experience.


This position is open to anyone from any background, race, religion, nationality or sex. Requirements are typical for outdoor services; ability to walk carrying a pack for 15 miles a day; able to life 50 lbs.; able to sit and stand for long periods; experience in managing groups, and demonstrated leadership qualities.

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