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This summer KAP will be holding a bouldering workshop in coordination with our Day Hiking Program. Bouldering is what you call climbing when you don't need ropes for safety. Of all the moves made on stone in the world, the most challenging are on boulders.  Aside for the heights involved and the gear required to be safe, bouldering and climbing are the same.

The bouldering workshop will take place on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm at our Plaza space on our own bouldering wall. There will also be a bouldering session on Saturday's from 12:00pm-4:00pm. Climbing shoes, lunch and snacks will be provided to all who participate.



Bouldering instruction will take place every Saturday, and on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. for the other sessions participants will practice the techniques learned. 

Participants will learn:

  • Basic climbing technique (movement)

  • Climbing related fitness and health

  • History of climbing in the United States

  • Equipment required for safe climbing

  • Situational awareness and Risk management

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The KAP Climbing Program is a new effort to bring this healthy activity to the Ketchikan Community. The benefits of a climbing practice go beyond physical fitness and impart in those who climb a mental fitness and strength to face challenge with focus and resolve. For our youth and KAP's mission to build resiliency and emotional competence, a climbing program is ideally suited.   The potential for this program goes beyond the current goal to organize efforts to build a proper climbing facility in Ketchikan, but also to bring youth to some of the world's most outstanding climbing areas right here in Alaska, most notably 
(or unknown) Misty Fjords. Its true our climate is challenging for such an activity, but climbing is diverse and there are climbing opportunities year-round in Southeast Alaska. 

If you interested in learning more about our climbing vision for our community, or coming to a bouldering session at KAP just reach out here

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