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Packing list

Below you will find packing lists for the Backpacking, Camping, and Hiking trips. If you cannot provide any of the items listed, please contact us.

KAP will provide group equipment: cooking equipment, mess kits, water filters, Firestarter, first-aid supplies, fishing gear, food, navigation equipment, kitchen, and privy consumables.

KAP can provide the following equipment upon request:

  • Backpack with rain cover

  • Sleeping pad

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Rain Gear

  • Headlamp

  • Pack towel

  • Water bottle

  • Knife


Participants are required to bring the following (no cotton):

  • Packable sleeping bag

  • Footwear suitable for hiking; water proof preferred but not required. All hiking foot ware must be broken in prior to trip. New shoes WILL CAUSE BLISTERS on the trail. We will be using YakTrax ice cleats to allow for secure footing on the boardwalks. ExtraTuffs are fine but not needed. Heavy weight socks are not necessary, a mid- light weight sock is much more comfortable. 

  • Three pairs of synthetic or wool socks suitable for hiking (thick socks are not good)

  • Two pair of underwear garments

  • Two complete sets of clothing suitable for hiking (one set packed)

  • 1 pair long underwear

  • Cotton t-shirt and shorts for sleeping, loose fitting, mid thigh in length

  •  Warm hat

  • Baseball/truckers style hat

  • Warm jacket or vest

  • Water proof gloves

  • Packable bowl

  • Travel-size tooth brush/tooth paste

  • Travel-size hand sanitizer

  • Rain gear

  • Camp shoes/sandals/slippers (packable)

  • Folding knife



  • Water bottle

  • Bathing suit

  • Packable camera, cell phone (PHOTOS ONLY- cell phones will not be used during this trip for any other purpose)

  • Packable pillow

  • Hammock

  • Camp chair

  • Hiking poles/stick

Prohibited items:

  • Lighters or any other combustible materials

  • Fuel of any kind

  • Emergency beacons, GPS devices, satellite communication devices

  • Packaged food or beverages 

  • Clothing not listed

Day Camp

  • Hiking shoes

  • Rain gear

  • Day pack

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Baseball cap

  • Water bottle

  • Hiking poles (optional)

Itinerary for backpacking trip:

Saturday Prior to Trip Departure: Parents/Guardians and participant Prep meeting.


All items/bags will be brought to KAP and we will pack our bags. We will ensure all participants have what they need, if we can provide any items please let us know before this meeting.  Bags will remain at KAP until Monday Moring and the start of the trip.



  • 7am/7:30am- Meet at KAP at 7:00am/ Knudson Cove marina. 

  • 8am -Board and Shove off for Naha Bay FS dock

  • 10:30 Snack

  • 11am-Depart trailhead 

  • 4pm Arrive at Jordan lake (4mi)

  • 5pm setup camp, prep for dinner, collect water, start fire (if wood is availble)

  • 6pm dinner



  • 8am- Prepare Breakfast

  • 8:30- serve breakfast

  • 9:00- clean up

  • 10:00 pack up

  • 10:30 snack

  • 11:00 depart for Heckman Lake Cabin

  • 1pm Arrive at Heckman (2mi)

  • 5pm prep for dinner

  • 6pm dinner


  • 8am- Prepare Breakfast

  • 8:30- serve breakfast

  • 9:00- clean up

  • 10:00 pack up

  • 10:30 snack

  • 11:00 day hike/fish, row- ADVENTURE!

  • 5pm prep for dinner

  • 6pm dinner



  • 8am- Prepare Breakfast

  • 8:30- serve breakfast

  • 9:00- clean up

  • 10:00 pack up

  • 10:30 snack

  • 11:00 hike to Jordan Lake Cabin

  • 5pm prep for dinner

  • 6pm dinner


  • 7am- Prepare Breakfast

  • 8:00- cleanup

  • 9:00 depart for Naha Bay FS dock (6mi)

  • Lunch served at the Naha Bay Pavilion

Daily Camp Activities

  • Day Hiking

  • Collect Firewood

  • Fire Building Skills and Safety 

  • Camp Setup/Teardown 

  • Prep/serve/cleanup Breakfast

  • Prep/serve/cleanup dinner

  • Prep lunch/snacks

  • Filter drinking water

  • Fishing

  • Rowing

  • Outdoor skills/bush craft

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