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AmeriCorps Position

Life Skills

This position will promote our Life Skills Program focusing on cooking healthy meals, nutrition awareness, budgeting, and social/emotional competence. You will facilitate the preparation, service and clean-up of KAP's Friday meals; create supply lists; create related educational materials; and develop and facilitate youth activities to connect the efforts of our kids to positive growth of our community. You will assist with our Hydroponics and Outdoor Programs as related to the Life Skills focus. Training will be provided.


Alaskan Youth

Within the US, Alaskan communities rank atop the nation in domestic violence, alcoholism and suicide. Obesity is also a health issue is Alaska, and Ketchikan is among those communities most effected.  May of our youth face these realities everyday, and others experience the negative effects. This is a fact in Ketchikan, but our youth  in dealing with historic trends have developed a little more resilient and programs like KAP's Life skills has to potential to lift the youth  we serve above the cycle. As an AmeriCorps Member serving in Ketchikan you will bring a different influence and your service will inspire many. Though the Ketchikan Youth Community faces these challenges you will find kids are still kids and you will quickly see your efforts will have a positive impact.


This position is open to anyone from any background, race, religion, nationality or sex. Requirements a ability to walk distances; able to lift 40 lbs.; able to sit and stand for long periods; experience in managing/facilitating groups is preferred.

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