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Every Tuesday and Thursday KAP hold our Volleyball workshop from 3:30-4:30 at the REC Center. We leave the Plaza at 3pm and return at 4:40. Students can learn all the skills needed to play the sport. Its perfect for beginner and experienced players.

This workshop is led by Rayne Watkins, one of our AmeriCoprs volunteers. Rayne has played beach and indoor volleyball competitivly in Florida, her home state. She brings years of experience and practice to the our program and is excited to be our Volleyball Coach.


Even the most experienced plays practice fundamentals. These drills help our coordination and train our movements specific to the techniques employed in volleyball or any other sport. Practicing the fundimental sbuild a strong foundation that enables the athlete to progress. Without them, a student would never improve and ultimately get frustrated.

Volleyball is a very exciting game to play. its very quick and requires trained responsiveness to be able to control the ball. In our workshop we focus building the skills and providing opportunity to practice those skills in game play. 

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