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 Bianca Castillo has been a dancer and gymnast since she was three years old. Bianca has participated in numerous pageants such as, Miss Homecoming in highschool, and then continuing on to represent her country by becoming Miss Dominican Republic in the U.S Virgin Islands. This experience allowed Bianca to network and further demonstrate her skills. By coaching and mentoring others to compete in Miss World and Miss Universe, the door was opened to many other valuable experiences. Bianca has also utilized her skills to manage co-ed kids gymnastics. All of these experiences have shaped Bianca and encouraged her to pursue being a professional dance instructor through Zumba.  Bianca’s purpose is to help people realize that they are capable of achieving whatever they put their mind to. Currently, she works in Children’s Mental Health and recognizes that there is a need to help kids develop their talents and achieve their personal goals through vulnerability and creativity in exercise. 

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This Winter

Bianca will be holding workshops across the island for students and this december she will be hold some sessions at our Plaza space. We're really excited to be working with Bianca and we'll be announcing dates and locations very soon.

Current dates are at KAP at the Plaza:

December 13th, 20th, 27th



Register here

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