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4/8 - Made necessary changes based on our meeting earlier today. I combined the RICorps hidden page onto the AmeriCorps published tab. Please see and revise as needed (especially under commitment and benefits/requirements). The link is connected to AmeriCorps national website. We should revise and add more narrative to the Home page before the links to KAP and RYC. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to do on my end.


Monday 4/11 we will be sending out an offical invite via email to all *potential* stakeholders to meet on April 21st at Noon. We will meet with Dustin Thursday 4/13 to plan the meeting. Please plan on meeting with confirmed partners/host sites individually later in the month. Thanks Andy!





Trying to dial in the mobile version but I can't change the image; cant use a different format....andy 2/25

2/28 notes - the home page should be just about complete, let me know what you think. I've added at the very bottom of the page for contact info and then reworded a couple of sentences under about us. We'll have to add/update a few things on the home page

Added photo gallery under About page

I like it. I did hid the "gallery" button on the menu because I wanted us to get a little more photos loaded first- thats just a whim/opinion so either way....i do like the scroll-able sidle show!

2/28 TBC - Hey Andy, I went and revised just about every visible page tab. Just minor placement changes. For the KAP page, I removed the header as I thought what you had below was very visually pleasing and the content looks great. I think the collage created too much noise for the entire page.

I've been trying to keep the font selection to a minimum so we can be visually consistent. Here are the main fonts, feel free to change anything. Avenir Light (bold), Heebo Light, Futura Light, and a couple other ones.

I also revised the Americorps and Climbing wall pages.

I think we're making great headway!


2/25  6pm   Got it, I've been using "paragraph 1" for text- you can assign the fonts to that and change all text/ change "text settings--->themes" to change a body of text's font ( when you working on a test box). That way we can make the text uniform with ease. There is probably a better way so let me know if you find any "global "settings. I like the changes to the KAP page, looks better!

Id like to mention Sean as the visionary in the creation for RiCorps, but I'd like to hear your opinion.....

3/1 - Hey Andy, thanks for the update. I'm not sure of a global setting to change the fonts but I think for the most part the content is within 3-4 different fonts and I personally think it looks pretty uniform so far. I like the font you chose for the introductory paragraph on the home page. I'm trying to think of what else we might be missing that we can add in there. I think maybe a blog would be a great start - it looks like you already created a page for that. I think we're scheduled to meet later in the afternoon, I'll be grabbing the serger and heading your way. We can talk more then about the current website if you'd like. I don't necessarily have a vision for it, but I do think with website the simpler the better, and making sure the mobile version is very user friendly. I think we're doing a great job with it so far. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

I agree! Simple is best. I'm still have a hard time navigation the server to find documents specific to the details of the member positions, service commitment. I've got some info from the americorps website and could probably find more. I'll come in saturday afternoon and put some more time into it so relay any note from the meeting here and I'll work accordingly. Thanks for the great work!

3/2 - Hey Andy, thanks for the update. I will look in the server too and if I find anything, I'll send it your way. I've added a short paragraph by the benefits and requirements section on the home page, and added a variety of different photos into the gallery as well. I updated the photo under KAP and AmeriCorps too. Let me know what you think. I've added a lot more media into the wix files, I'll organize that now. Let me know if you want me to add or change anything before tomorrow, I thought we had the AmeriCorps meeting on Friday but it looks like we do not. I do however, have a meeting with Dustin tomorrow and would like to show him what we have so far!



2/27 Andy-


added "workshop" page and began building the "workshop/example" pages.

-Replace the content on "about" page from KAP to RiCorp.

-fixed the KAP and AMericorps buttons on home page

-moved "search" to footer to open up more space on header; added "Ricorps" logo home button to header

-worked on the content for the KAP page

-created a "contat us" page

- fixed "home" and "kap" pages on the mobile format

3/1 Andy-


setup "Ricorps member" page.

3/21  I changed some text under "adventure" on KAP page. Also added some workshop pages/buttons.- andy

4/5 - Hey Andy, I haven't touched the site in a couple of weeks. Do you know if we have all the information we need for becoming a member? I looked in the server and found a couple of potential documents, but not entirely sure how accurate they are. I think it's safe to say we should launch the site relatively soon yes? Let me know, thanks!

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