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Summer Day Camp

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Day Camp Attendance Policy

Our Summer Day Camp is open to participants who were enrolled in 5-8th grades, or 10-14 years of age. We have ten spots available, and these spots are held for active participants. If a child does not participate in activities, they may be excused from day camp to allow another child to participate. All of our scheduled Field Trips are for active participants only.  If a child does not attend regularly, they will not accompany us on field trips. Our Attendance Policy can be found here.

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The benefits of a climbing practice are mental and physical fitness, self awareness, self confidence/humility, and a solution-oriented outlook. Climbing programs typically are open to children of all ages, but around 12 years programs teach real climbing, to include rope safety and belaying. We currently do not have the facilities to teach belaying but we will teach your child about climbing technique, fitness, safety and the methods and equipment climbers use to stay safe. As our program grows we hope to add rope skills to our instruction.

Monday- Friday Noon until 5:30pm

Day campers will meet at KAP in the Plaza, above the ATT Store at 12:00PM or as noted on the schedule. Field trips will typically meet at different times so please be aware. We will send emails to parents/guardians each week. 


Day Hikes

All of our day hikes will be local and accessible by the KAP van. Our first two hikes will be Rainbird and Perseverance Lake and from these we will design our hiking schedule to best build fitness among our campers.  We will hike at a comfortable pace, not hurry, and take breaks with respect to healthy aerobic exercise and maintaining hydration and nutrition. 

For most youth these hikes will be challenging, but once we get a few weeks into camp all the campers will start to feel stronger.  So encourage your child to stick with it and by the end of summer you will see a positive change in your child's fitness and confidence.


This is a beginner/intermediate program which will teach the fundamentals of climbing; movement, safety, responsibility, climbing equipment, basic geology, and fitness. We currently conduct all instruction on our indoor bouldering wall. 

Bouldering is climbing. It differs in height or exposure. Bouldering is defined as climbing heights low enough to allow for climbing to jump off. This distinction of course is less applicable in today's climbing world, but KAP holds to this rule - bouldering is low height. We use "crash pads" to protect falls as well as "spotting" techniques. You are welcome to visit us in the Plaza to see our bouldering wall.


Lunch and Snacks

KAP will provide lunch on Wednesdays and field trip days. we will also provide lunch. We encourage youth to bring lunches on other days or eat before attending. Please note, participants will have time to eat lunch from 12-12:30PM every day of camp.


Day Camp Registration

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