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Flim Workshop

Self expression finds no greater medium than film. Sight, sound and special effects, the attention to detail and the wildness of the imagination are all showcased in film works. We invite all youth who have an idea to give this workshop a try.

This workshop also serves as platform to foster cooperation, emotional maturity, and boundless creativity.  We encourage a disciplined approach, but support for simple projects too. We use a Panasonic Luminx G4 for filming and Adobe Premiere for editing. We also work with hones and tablets as well.  

This workshop is open to all ideas and styles. We encourage collaboration and can support low budget (very low) feature film projects. Film work requires a lot of people, all with specific responsibilities. We incorporate this approach in this workshop to teach film making as a true artistic discipline.  Projects need not be full productions, but should your child's vison be a grand one, we can help bring it to the screen.    


Stop-motion, 05/2022

filmed at KAP Studios, with 

The Price Of Gold 

The Price of Gold is a modern day story of greed, conflict, and sacrifice. Earth has made significant technological advances allowing them to send a band of soldiers, led by Captain Harry Foot, to planet 474TX to collect valuable resources and return them to Earth. Their plan is foiled when they run into the only two residents of this planet. This suspenseful comedy serves as the acting debut for the entire cast.



JP Robbins, Joan Bell, William Leask, Stella Yelich & Andrew Vazquez.


Written and Directed By:

William White and Rochelle Tavo.

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