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Our hydroponics workshop is geared for small-scale operations which our participants can adapt to their lives. Youth participate in all aspects of starting, maintaining and harvesting. This idea; a personal/family indoor garden grown with a minimum of materials with space requirements no more than a coffee table or bookshelf is realistic and healthful both in our diet and our lifestyle. That is what we are teaching in this workshop.


Small Beginnings 

Our first crop was for learning, and to identify what we could grow. We learned about those crops which do well in hydroponic systems and fill a need in our Lifeskills/Food Workshop. Pictured left; micro greens, center; Butter Lettuce, right; mustard greens.  We will be gowing more Butter Lettuce and micro greens in our second crop. Our goal with this workshop is to reach a level of production which provides fresh salads to our program, and to create a micro greens kit so youth can start their own healthy food garden.


The challenge; Hydroponic Tomatoes. This will likely be a trial and error approach. We will grow tomatoes though.


Still going strong....

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